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Who is Senor Lopez and where does he come from? 

Senor Lopez is a California native, surf enthusiast. In the early 1970's he left to Mexico on a 6 month surf adventure in search of perfect waves. He returned to California with a cotton pullover hoodie he purchased outside of Puerto Escondido, and a dream to create the perfect surf hoodie to sell to his home surf shops in California. 

Where is Senor Lopez Located? 

Senor Lopez is a California company, based out of Costa Mesa, CA. 

Where are your products made? 

All Senor Lopez products are manufactured in Mexico, and have been since 1972! 

What makes Senor Lopez products different then similar ones on the market? 

Every Senor Lopez product is still designed by Senor Lopez himself, and are still manufactured in Mexico like they have been since 1972. We pride ourselves in all of the details; the fit, the colors, and the patterns. All fabric is washed, softened, and pre shrunk before use so we guarantee you get the fit you desire! There is also no fading, color running, or excessive stretching. 

How long has Senor Lopez been a Brand? 

We're excited that 2024 marks 52 years in business