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About Us

Senor Lopez Originals was born out of an idea originating in the early 1970's while traveling throughout Mexico searching for perfect, uncrowded waves. Upon returning to home in California, the dream to make the perfect surf hoodie was coming to fruition. 

Since 1972, Senor Lopez Originals have been sold in the best specialty stores across America, with more than 1000 accounts throughout the United States alone. Over time, our designs have evolved and our product line has become more diverse, delivering high-quality recycled Hoodies, Blankets, Towels, and more! 

We're incredibly proud to know that each of our products are made from recycled T-Shirt Fabrics that would have otherwise been thrown in the dump. However, we pride ourselves in not using garbage or old fabrics, instead we are repurpose premium cutting-excess material that would have ultimately been thrown away. As we collect the excess fabric, it is sorted by colors, then cut into long strips and then woven into threads. The threads are then woven into fabric, and then the fabric is then cut and sewn into our Hoodies and Blankets.